Send yourself an email.

We are in the middle of changing the house back after Pesach. I am actually not procrastinating by blogging, but rather making good use of a break forced upon me to nurse the baby to sleep.

I still want to write an email about our sedarim. Lack of Hol Hamoed combined with all of the strep throat in our house has made it tough for me to write.

Every year, around this time, I have developed the habit of sending myself an email. If I write myself notes for next year, I will lose them.

I can send it to myself, or save it as a draft. I have a  list of the recipes that worked, the number of boxes of matzah we needed (4 more than last year,) and what spices and other things I am packing away for next year, vs. what I have to buy.

This is more or less what mine looks like this year:

Only spice needed to buy is paprika. Saved the rest. Have dill. Two sippy cups left, and no bottles.

Don’t buy coffee filters; they are w/ the coffee m aker.

Do buy saran wrap.

steam bags are in with pareve stuff.

Handle on “nice” negelwasser broke off.

New tablecloth liner for the dining room – keeping it for all year round.

New dish towels, and new fridge liners; shelf liner as well.

One roll of white duct tape.

No pesach plata anymore.

Mashed potato kugel worked well, and choc. chip cookie recipe from – try to cut and paste into here.

I have plastic fancy plates and cutlery for both seders for 2011.

Need a matzah cover (mom? )

Need fleishig tupperware, at least a couple.

Use timers in the house, that worked.

20 boxes of matzah, at least 4 batches of granola, and 3 cream cheeses were enough. Salami, and kobanos.


esadich mousse cake was good, kids liked the sorbet cups.

Stuffed mushrooms with CAKE MEAL

20 pounds of potatoes and 9 dozen eggs.

mashed potatoes, often. Liked the most.

Chicken legs doable, instead of 8 piece cut up.

Fire poppers: bake schnitzel with matzo meal breading. cut into pieces. Mix half a bottle of ketchup w/duck sauce and chili pepper flakes and brown sugar. Bring to boil, then pour over chicken and bake. (Mindy’s recipe).


Have you sent yourself an email yet?

Hope it was a great holiday for you. (It was for us.)

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