I have really been struggling with blogging lately. I just cannot seem to find the time to write, and the ideas and pieces I want to complete are accumulating just like the clutter in the house.  In my very first post I expressed my concern with this problem. Perhaps this is why there are so few blogs by women with large families. Duh!

What I am realizing however, is that it isn’t really a lack of hours in the day. I am awake, I am at the computer, and yet the pieces are not written. It isn’t writers bloc. It’s exhaustion. I am staying awake, relishing my quiet hours, too tired to go to bed, and too tired to do anything of substance.  I spend a great deal of time awake but not functionally so, and it is truly a waste.

If I can just get myself to the point of fewer hours awake but more hours of “quality, functioning Ima” awake, I think I can finally post the posts that I want to.  As well as finally tackle the laundry, the checks, the piles, the mess of cards in the corner, the thank you notes, the……….

I’m going to bed.