… and it’s twins!

No, I am NOT “ima2nine”.  I am just really proud of two friends who have given birth to their own Jewish Mommy Blogs. Welcome to the blogosphere, ladies.

I would love to think I have inspired them, but I happen to know that they have been reading blogs better and more successful than mine. I hope they take my advice and check out  Hannah Katsman’s advice to new bloggers. Yet one more reason A Mother in Israel impresses so many of us.

Please visit http://immahlady.wordpress.com/
and http://tricolon.wordpress.com/ and give them an encouraging comment!

While I am making shameless plugs, I am really amazed by Allie Brosh and her blog success. She is hysterically funny, and I just could never, ever do what she does. he blog is http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/, or Hyperbole and A Half. It isn’t Jewish, and it isn’t a mommy blog; in fact, it isn’t even appropriate some of the time.  This interview with her is even better; I learned a lot about her, her humor and how she is the kind of multimedia blogging phenom that she is. (Two million hits a MONTH!)

I owe anyone who is kind enough to visit here a more significant post.  Working on it.

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