The Momma Rocks found this hilarious rockin’ video. My minivan looks like the bottom of a dumpster, not a “swagger wagon”. Oh, how I miss my little “Seat” sportscar with the spoiler and sun roof…..

My van has chipped paint on the outside, and everything else on the inside. I choose to think about it as an “anti-theft policy.”

When we return home to Israel, B”H in two more years, I made it very clear to the family that Abba will be driving a van. I, on the other hand, will be shopping for a motorscooter or motorcycle.  Preferably one that has enough room to shlep home some groceries, but not much more.  And it won’t have a floor to leave your pretzel crumbs or apple cores on.  Along with shedding my galut, I hope to shed my suburban carpooling around.

Tell me Imas, will I be the first frum “old-lady” Ima showing up for motorcycle driving lessons in Israel?

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